Young Society

Some accepting while others be denying me. Insecurities giving thee slanted perceptions on perfections of reality. Making me wanna show contestants on tv. Peaking curiosity simply for the fact of not having enough exp… their experiences ain’t adding up 2 an adult as a result. Now tell me who’s at fault when they join a cult? I bolt, like I was riding a reputation with a colt for the culture but somebody tell me why these youngins be talking that death like vultures? Kill. Dead. Got all the grown ups asking what was that they just said?! Lacking virtue, whatchu gonna do for bread? How you goin’ carry it instead? Not like you would want to… Don’t be too stu… Better survive like Black Wolf & make it 2 that new crew! Stay alive! Extra lives! Live this life like you want to! We been here before you, so don’t front dude. At this point in your life everything was given 2 you… #true!~

About bigcityjoe

Poet currently, former on air personality, & assistant coach, mentor, public servant at the post office, all around great guy to know!
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1 Response to Young Society

  1. Wrote this poem l;ast month but since I suffered a phone setback, it almost slipped thru the cracks…

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