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Been wanting 2 share this story lately…

It’s from the time i went out with another member of “The Post Office Crew” We actually went out twice. The other was 2 go see Essence at the Black Hole when i ran into my high school buddy there. This one is about when we went out 2 The Clubhouse! A reggae club. I managed 2 walk right in that joint for free when i realized my partner & my ride wasn’t behind me i had little choice but 2 step back out & find out what the problem was. He just ain’t make it thru the doors like i did. There were people getting rides from strangers at the end of the night but i wasn’t going 2 be one of them for i deemed that just too risky for me! All in all we enjoyed our first time there at the club. You used 2 be able 2 smoke your weed up in that joint too! Could be why they went under. This joint also reminds me of the time i went out with my cuzns 2 The Eastside but unfortunately i didn’t make it up in that club at all b4 they pulled they plug on that club but i had been hearing about it all the way at school down at S.C.S.U. & i wanted 2 find out & know! They me S.C.S.U. props when i got there but one of my cousins dropped the ball with no id & she was the ride! What do you do. I got another ill story on that one but I’m good with this check in for right now. I shared it 2 say you have 2 be on the same page going into a situation or it will fall apart on you for lack of non poor management! I’m just saying

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U.S. Court Rules Dreadlock Ban During Hiring Process Is Legal


So this story takes me back 2 my own personal experience & struggle with such a thing. I was working at the Marlow Heights Kmart b4 it became a Mega-Church. I was home during the fall semester from South Carolina State University. I had just had my baby girl so i really needed the $4.20 an hour, huh man!? Every little bit helps, lol… I had just grew my cornrows & had them done neatly in a row when management went into acting like they didn’t know the deal! Once approached about the non issue, i quickly pointed out that the guidelines & requirements stated that your chosen hairstyle of expression had 2 be neat! That was the bottomline & so i saved my job & liberated countless others who had 2 encounter such biased opinions. I was a liberator! Exonerating all others…;)~

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Everyday I’m Living It…

An everyday obstacle I face is feeding, bathing, & making my way around town to my appointments as well as gaining progress in life in general! I count all of my blessings indeed!~

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Levester Joe Green II: Love Maker

via Levester Joe Green II: Love Maker

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Ned Leeds…

Needs 2 bet, but best believe somebody still Needs need 2 be met! Now I’m not necessarily asking who what or which need Leads but I do know my Needs Led me just as soon as I finished a bottle of Nestle… well a least it wasn’t a led need.

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Barber(a)s On or Brothers’ Home

3rd eye blind but there’s other ways of seeing, perceiving. Say, per se the gifts of receiving clues from the blood on the set still screaming from when while it was streaming. Now it steaming up in smoke. Your body left. No more soul. It done left this poor bloke who lived richly but now his bank account of life says he’s broke & it’s empty. Sitting on a eggs nest but you’re willing 2 neglect like you were full of disrespect or some type of bullshit & I don’t like the scent…

Repent! Make a descent like you were heaven sent & just wanted a little of your time well spent. #Magnificent… I wrote this poem, inspired, on the other side of the past weekend. Turns out fellow Street Sense Vendor Charles Davis has passed away in that short space of time. Rest in Peace Charlie D!~

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