How Many Ways I’m Supposed 2 be #Paid!~

-My GOD given work & talent, if it worked right. It’s been long said & stated that the music entertainment field was a shady business but I’m sure we could fix it if we put our hearts & minds 2 it!~ went out of business! I’ve been writing poems for a very long time now & that was back at the height or crest of my writing prowess. They were like my main number one outlet at the time & they just #blackholed everyone’s career down that there drain with them with no reconciliation with the talent pool what so ever! That is very wrong with this picture! Plus I had just published a poetry book with & thru them!

-So another momentum breaker would be not showing up for those FAMOUS POETS conventions out in Reno, Nevada! I mean if I was being told I was a winner & guest of honor & such & was a no show, I recon they would have 2 replace me & prized other people instead…

-My Medical diagnosis, it’s been my lifeline & difference maker. I’ve always held the thought that if they were ever wrong then that would be a lawsuit! I just found out those are hard 2 follow up on. It was just a 60 minutes story about malpractices fees covered. I haven’t even had a lawyer enough 2 build & maintain my musical career with all the copyright infringements that come along with the territory, sonow what!?~


-My MAXING OUT MY STUDENT LOANS ATTEMPT! This was yet another fail that took place right around this same time! It failed because the plan got shook up when the police broke my arm, jailed me, then I forgot which school I was 2 pursue. It may even had been their MOTIVATION for PURSUING ME IN THE FIRST PLACE!~

-My Massive Comic book Collection that I threw away & then gave away… I awoke from a nightmare one morning & I determined it 2 be from sleeping head first in my comic book collection stash direction so I deemed them outgrown, & not wanting 2 wait for a convention or whatever, however, private collector coming a calling my way I dismissed them only 2 have one of My Mother’s friend inquire about the discarded books 2 which I could only reply “Well I did throw them away so it’s all good…”

-Pre Paid Legal Services! Now from what I understand the service was inheritable & My father had been part of the organization since it’s inception in 1972 so I should’ve already had a helluva line up already in place but alas I was simply dismissed with nothing from these “Law ADVOCATES” trying 2 do the right thing whatever that is!~

-I guess I can say My current wave & stint as a photojournalist, Street Sense Media Documentary star, & NOW Published Poetry Author!~ Meaning I’m STILL trying at it!~

-Oh, & I forgot about the YOUTH ACHIEVERS USA, mentoring that I did in the hood when my nieces & nephew were coming up. You see the way the program was set up was that we helped them mature & set up bank accounts & such in preparation for the future. I opened My accounts with Industrial Bank & I would juggle my balances until one day the teller got all up in my business speaking on how I would juggle the account balances on the accounts that I set up & had charge over, so I think I ended up never returning 2 that bank as the conversation may have went like well you fix it, handle it, do it since you think you got more say so than me over these transactions so I really don’t know how that established accounts & transactions transpired. NO ONE EVER followed up with me concerning those accounts or my charge over them so I was never paid for my participation & introduction 2 others of the program. So who knows what!?

-Do I even have 2 mention Publishers Clearing House? I mean what? It’ll work right & they’ll actually honor their claims & winning scratch offs if you actually pay for your purchases!?~

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2nd & 7

That nigga Tablet or Table. They both mean he’s sturdy & stable. Which means he should be able 2 stand on all fours. Come again. Would you give me some more? Second helpings. Something or someone’s always helping Second til some Judas iscariot’s got them second guessing. Why was he even invited in as seconds’ guest in the 1st place 2 begin!?~

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Good & Bad

Russell & Reese asking for a piece. Excuse Me Sir, but you sound sweet. Well at least 2

Me, like trick or treat. Straight & narrow down the back. That’s a crease. Hope you don’t

get stained by some grease. In & out is how I keep my peace. Remember when we were

kids & that kind of laughter never ceased? Now relax, relate, release. That’s let go the

sweet cheeks. Naw, I never heard of sweet cheese. Swiss cheese. Do for it as you wish.

As you please. I’m at ease. No need for me 2 tease. A Buddy, I’m chilling like the E.U.

Freeze. Up until they started doing the butt & the scent in the air made me sneeze! Got

A GOD Bless you & I ain’t even have 2 get on my knees. Stood for something like I had

that King’s Disease. Inhaling trees, unlike Covid, it helped me breathe as I shoot the

breeze running through the… #BigCity!~

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Yeah, but 16 cold can take on a few different variants… Come here. Let Me Warn your soul with More than just My appearance. Make sure you don’t fold in my presence due 2 My Dominance. Putting on hold the bold stuck in the Matriarchs Matrix! On the chopping block 2 be SOLD!~ I don’t know, maybe they are Ma Tricks Who got scold now they out on the bricks, finnin’ 2 flip front & backwards, on that tip. Every perfect score of 20/20

Hundred points symbol

% Didn’t see them but you can tell them by the scent!~ #202 & 1 ;)~ #HeavenSent!~

They ain’t want me 2 walk out they life… #VerySuperstitious!~

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The formula if you will along with the do’s & don’t’s 2 compliment the implemented scheme of things. Enlighten us all please. I still think about the terrible turn of events surrounding I mean being in that sort of type of position in being a mainstay & powerhouse only 2 turn tail & sell out & fold with so many poets & artist work committed unto them. I thought it highly irresponsible & downright crooked! Taking from already established artist in a travesty & maylay of injustice & advantage taking of budding artist as well, put us all at a further disadvantage career wise as well as material! That may have been many’s only outlet or record of their work! It is the same, I’ve taken notice of, with these picture sites such as lockerz & twitpic, for example. I say this as I have grown in my interest 2 publish a photography book or two as well as others. I have in mind but first I must master my money getting prowess…

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And Who The #FCH are You!? #SmokeIslandDoorDude

I need a new everything… #Lame!~ How this smoke island nigga asking me for my ID like I’m new 2 this joint!? Naw, just you then he touching all on my ID with no gloves on then this nigga dialing numbers like he calling in my address & sure enough some clown trying 2 beat me 2 my entrance on some bogus ass fake moves… For real Nigga!?~ Get your fake ass up out of the way!~


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Naw, I ount wanna see you shit on the table…

Every time I think of my daughter, it’s always as a child. As the last time I saw her. So I can’t help but think of her as a little girl 2 me always… #Scarred4Life!~ My brother gave me this scar with a knife by the way. Yeah, ALL of that is #GRATITUDE, RIGHT!?~

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#202 & 1

Now they trying 2 depict everybody as having aids living in the streets… If you don’t, this system is so shaky & backdoor, they’ll make up for it by FCHING with anything left open as they take advantage of having access like it’s a green light go for bullshit… #PandemicSpread Just like that human nature of a fool who doesn’t want 2 succeed or comply, once infected wants 2 now infect you! It’s called the #CrabMentality in the black community… So now I’m wondering why isn’t an alternative being made by the rich blacks if #blacklivesmatter? Instead of The same ole merry go round? What kind of sort of example is that!? I mean that’s a good show of solidarity being out on the frontline of danger too but you’re the multi-million dollar maker. You would be MORE useful putting them much needed resources 2 use in the community as an Alternative 2 this crooked agenda being advanced on the people & population. Where’s the strategist!? No we don’t always hear about it but big shout-out 2 Baby for renting stuff for folks who can’t, for having the ambition 2 buy his old projects in hopes of upgrading 2 betterment

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This same administration would do the same thing 2 an uprising people… In My opinion they already depend too much on government war like tactics 2 get things done. This already established system has built their careers & elevated them 2 their positions in life. #bitchassniggas

That’s what this system breeds… So yeah, they’re all like “Let’s get back 2 our #bitchassness…” #CatchUpBitchAssNiggas!~

So with that being said, you can’t really be mad at Trump, for what being a wealthy business man who had political aspirations but not experience? Who gave you free money. He shot from the hip. The system didn’t “make” him. So what you all really wanted was 2 get back 2 this b.s! #ConditionedSLAVES! It’s all they know since from day one #boss!~

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A combination of FLEMION & Skip! With that 10th Street Grip! Coming out of that corridor is this Nigga FLIP! Don’t forget 2 add on the Script! Ready 2 Let it Rip on that Southside tip from the top 2 the bottom you hear them tell them that there Nigga Not it! The 1, 2 be playing wit(h)…

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